Stepney, CT Crest

The Crest


Crest - Stepney, CT
Crest - Stepney, CT

The Stepney, CT, Crest took its design from the Crest of Stepney, England, which is divided into four quadrants and includes a tower and nautical motif against a medieval design.  The images on our crest symbolize Stepney’s past, present and future.

The Symbols

The top quadrant speaks to the present and is symbolized by two maple leaves, distinctly beautiful every fall.  Both a red and a green leaf appear to tie in with Stepney’s past and future and to celebrate the present.

The right quadrant is embraced by a locomotive, which represents Stepney’s past.  The Housatonic Railroad first arrived in Stepney in 1840 to usher in industry and a new era for the area.

The lower quadrant heralds the peaceful and pastoral setting of our village with a path leading into the future and the Sun.

The strong diagonals of the Stepney crest are intended to support the concept of Stepney as a crossroads for the area’s commerce and culture since the community’s settlement by second and third generation English colonists in 1720.  At that time, the Stepney area belonged to Stratford.  The name Stepney first appeared in the Stratford land records of 1735.  For this reason, the year 1735 is shown below the motto.

The motto, which is wrapped under the crest, “From Great Things to Greater”, was interpreted from the Latin motto on the Stepney, England crest.

The Colors

The crest’s colors of red, golden yellow, green, and indigo reflect aspects of Stepney’s history as well as its present and future.  Red symbolizes the blood that was shed in the New England colonies during the American Revolution and it is the color of the heart.  Golden yellow represents the grain harvests of Stepney’s past.  Green speaks to the lush Stepney countryside and indigo is the color of the waters of the Pootatuck River.

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