Time-line of Stepney, CT

Stepney, Connecticut

1625 (and prior)

The Paugusset tribe establishes trails and settlements throughout the area.


The Stepney area is first settled by 2nd and 3rd generation English colonists from the mother colony of Stratford or Fairfield.


The name “Stepney” first appears in the Stratford land records.


The Stepney area was at first part of the parish of North Stratford (now Trumbull).


Stepney became part of the newly formed Parish of New Stratford — the forerunner of Monroe.


Local farmers join the American Revolutionary forces of New Stratford.


A French force of soldiers under General Rochambeau and led by Duc de Lauzun arrive in New Stratford and march through the area.  The Revolution is won!  Resident farmers celebrate victory with bonfires and music.


All of New Stratford becomes part of the newly formed town of “Huntington”.


Birdsey’s Plain / Stepney cemetery donated by Noah and James Burr, Jr.

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