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Along the Stepney Heritage Trail

A Lesson in History

The Save Our Stepney Task Force took on a monumental task of building a history lesson about the Village of Stepney, incorporated into the town of Monroe, CT.  They realized the vanishing history that made this Village of Stepney such a vital part of the area’s development and today it is still the most productive part of Monroe with its residential areas, manufacturing firms, retail stores and restaurants.

The Stepney Heritage Trail was born out of a passion to preserve the past and pass it along to future generations.  SOS identified eighteen sites within Stepney that they felt held a significant position in our history and should be researched and recognized.  But how could this task best portray these moments in the past to today’s citizenry?  We researched, from many sources, the history of these sites and decided to make it available to the residents of Monroe by using the vehicle of the Stepney Heritage Trail.  The trail idea grew in momentum and soon we were raising funds to build the centerpiece, the Gazebo/Kiosk on the Stepney Green.  At the same time they realized that to have a “trail” there must be markers and plaques to identify each of these sites for viewing and reading.  So the Trail was born and today we are still fund raising and continue to work to complete it.

What is on the Trail?

The Stepney Heritage Trail consists of the trailhead Kiosk on the Green, Roadside markers at each site and/or oval Plaques placed on the existing buildings.

Stepney Heritage Trail Information Kiosk The Stepney Heritage Trail Information Kiosk is sixteen feet in diameter, sixteen feet tall, has a distinguishing bell shaped roof with gothic cornice, eight pillars and a barrel-vaulted ceiling.  It sits atop of a 25-foot diameter cobblestone base, which includes a circle of engraved cobblestones.  The engraved cobblestones were ...

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Save Our Stepney Online
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