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A Lesson in History

Building Markers

Stepney Heritage Trail Information Kiosk Building markers are an option for the site owner.  SOS has made available to each site owner the option of buying a building marker to mount on a conspicuous spot on their building.  The markers are oval, eight inches high by fourteen inches wide, cast in aluminum.  A special paint is used to withstand inclement weather and other destructive forces.

Let’s start our tour of the Stepney Heritage Trail

“You are standing on a “Place of Parade” for “Publick Use” as it was established in 1817, now known as the Stepney Green”.

The Stepney Green serves as your trailhead to the Stepney Heritage Trail.  It is the site of an August 24, 1861 peace rally held where local pacifists called “Copperheads” protested the outbreak of the Civil War.  P.T. Barnum and Elias Howe, Jr. arrived in the night by train with a group of hired ruffians and broke up the rally.

We invite you to travel the Stepney Heritage Trail and to learn more about our local Stepney history.  Individual sites have been marked either with a freestanding site marker or an oval building marker for easy identification.  The oval markers are located on the street side of each property near a main entrance.

These markers will help you identify the significant architecture and history of Native Americans, colonists, immigrants, and other ethnic groups that are a part of the community’s history.  Please enjoy your journey throughout Stepney.

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Save Our Stepney Online
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