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Along the Stepney Heritage Trail

A Lesson in History

… purchased by local residents and businesses giving the kiosk its own trail of history as you walk around the kiosk’s perimeter and read the engravings of past and present names.  You begin to reveal the history behind the Stepney Heritage Trail as you read the two-sided interpretive panels with photographs, maps and text describing the heritage of Stepney and the historical sites along the trail.  Then take a map (available in the Kiosk) detailing the Trail and begin traveling along the Stepney Heritage Trail and take yourself back in time.  Carl Sandburg was quoted: “If we wish to have a future with greater meaning, we must concern ourselves … (with) … all that is worth preserving from our past as a living part of the present.”  We believe you will feel the same when you emerce yourself into this unique time machine.

Roadside Markers

Stepney Heritage Trail Information Kiosk The markers are cast aluminum, two sided, 2 feet high by 3 feet wide and are heavy gage metal.  The finish is a special paint produced to withstand inclement weather and other destructive forces.  They are mounted on a four-inch aluminum pole at a height of approximately five feet.  SOS worked with the Monroe Public Works Department to establish suitable locations at each site and the PWD dug them in.  A condensed version the historic information for each Roadside Marker is taken from the full history of each site, which you can access on the Web Site by clicking on each of the different sites to read the unabridged version.

Save Our Stepney Online
Save Our Stepney Online
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